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#1 Droosmom on 6 years ago

OK, so I'm not a cosplayer but I didn't know where else to turn and I knew you awesome people would have the answer! My husband is a HUGE Star Trek TOS fan and I'm planning a ST party for his birthday in June. I want to dress as an Orion slave girl, and of course paint myself green. But here's the problem. His party is in the middle of the week, and I will have to go to work the next day at a professional job. So I can't go into my job green!:confused: I need something that is going to be completely washable, but will stay on while at the party (maybe a few hours) without wearing off or cracking, etc.

#2 Mangochutney on 6 years ago

Have a look around the [URL="http://www.cosplay.com/forumdisplay.php?f=82"]Makeup subforum[/URL], this is their bread and butter.

Short answer: this depends on how careful you're willing to be. There are lots of different kinds of theatrical body makeup, but the easiest to apply and remove is water-based blends like Kryolan's Aquacolor (there are others, that's just the first one I can remember). However, even with a sealing spray which you should definitely apply, it's susceptible to some degree of rubbing off and anything wet that touches it will make it smear. At a party that's tricky.

Oil-based body makeup needs setting powder. It won't smear as easily, but it's more likely to leave a faint tint on your skin and in your pores when you scrub up afterward.

Aaaaaand then there's the option of avoiding the biggest hassles of body makeup by wearing a green body stocking instead and saving the makeup for your hands, face, and neck. Having had some experience with large-scale body makeup, I'd definitely recommend that option. But it's up to you!

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