Jaw Lines

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#1 bodatheyoda on 5 years ago

A friend of mine posted this on facebook and thought I should share it here. This is something I think all cosplayers and photographers should watch. It's such a simple way to show your jaw line, hiding scrunching neck and double chins. Give it a watch!


#2 nathancarter on 5 years ago

Yep, that one's a requisite watch. I'll often even forward it to subjects in advance of a shoot :)

#3 ~H~ on 5 years ago

Good stuff! Thank you for sharing ^_^.

#4 NanamiEvans on 4 years ago

thank you so much for the share ! i always wanted to hide the friggin double chins

#5 wtnv_civilian on 4 years ago

This is brilliant! Thank you!

#6 jaapster on 3 years ago

Good stuff thanks ! will remember it for my next shoot !

#7 LittleJ on 2 years ago

Thank you sooooo much!

#8 gordonspeaker on 2 years ago

This video is great.

#9 Blood_Sword on 2 years ago

Wow, that video is super helpful! Thanks for sharing it, this will help a lot because I'm both a photographer and a cosplayer.

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