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#1 Toribelle96 on 1 year ago

I really want to try and make one of Sakizo's jewel outfits and I ended up choosing Amethyst since purple looks best on me but it looks so complicated and scary. My mental health is getting better tho and I wanna make something I can be proud of. I am not sure how to make the skirt or wig (Should I make a separate post on the wig help forum for the wig?) and the corset is throwing me off, my mom offered to buy me a corset to just detail but would it work like that? I have tutorials for the sleeves and tights and accessories atleast so I don't gotta worry about that. *Ignore the second dress


#2 lunaflora on 1 year ago

I would say this is a fairly advanced costume to make from scratch, due to the amount of embellishments and the sillhouette. Unless you know how to make a corset, or are willing to go through trial and error to make your own, I would take up the offer for purchasing a corset. My advice is to purchase an underbust corset. A real one. Not the elastic ones, or the cheap ones on ebay or amazon, or "waist cinchers." Those can be painful and even cause injury. The real off-the-rack underbust corsets are probably the same price anyways. Choose ones with steel bones, made of either canvas, twill, coutil or poplin.

If you're buying a corset, why not leave the corset as is? Wear it underneath, and make a separate top for this costume. That way you can use the corset for other costumes or general wear. However, if you wish to embellish the corset to look like this, it is possible. You'd just be covering the corset with the fabrics. Add ruffles where you need to, add flare where you need to at the sides, and all the other trims.

For the skirt, I would either purchase or make panniers for the shape. After that it's just a matter of making all the pleats, ruffles, and ruching to attach to the skirt. I'm sure there are historical patterns out there with panniers.

#3 Toribelle96 on 1 year ago

I plan on taking this cosplay slow, I decided not to give it a finish date so I wouldn't stress myself out with it since I am sure it will take a while to make lol I might buy the corset then and just make the dress to go over it, do you think it'd help to give the dress a lace up back to tighten it too?

#4 lunaflora on 1 year ago

There is no need to make the dress a lace-up back unless you want one for aesthetics. You may want to bone the dress though, to keep it smooth. But the first thing I suggest you do is get the corset, and make the panniers that goes over the corset. It's the foundation of this costume. It will give you a general idea of the shape of the costume and might make things easier for you to piece together in your mind.