Darkening one side of white buckram

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#1 squirk on 1 year ago

I am making a mask that has comic-book white eyes. I picked up a yard of white buckram, which I have never worked with, but it seems like it will do the trick.

However, I now know what people mean when they say the material is harder to see through in low-light environments. I have seen posts suggesting that I color or paint one side of the buckram black to cut down on the reflected light and thus increase visibility.

I took a black sharpie and colored one side of a swatch, and it indeed helped the visibility quite a bit. However, even though I thought I was pretty light-handed with the marker, the black ink still bled through and is visible on the other side, ruining the "white eye" effect.

Is there a better way to darken one side of the material to increase visibility without darkening the other side?

Thank you!

#2 Penlowe on 1 year ago

keep experimenting with scrap. try a dryer technique than marker, maybe a crayon? (markers are pretty wet)

#3 Ichigogami on 1 year ago

You can try also checking Matrices tumblr, they have great information when it comes to anything mask, mascot or fursuit related...hope this helps!


#4 Scunosi on 1 year ago

I would just try acrylic paint first. Sharpie is ink and that'll bleed through the material. Acrylic is essentially plastic and won't bleed through unless you're glopping it on too thick. Try a light layer of acrylic on some test buckram and see how it works.

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