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The Company

Coslife Studios was first established in late 2012 and has since grown into a top costume design company serving clients all around the world including the United States, Europe, Canada, and Australia. Our goal at Coslife Studios is to provide the best quality made costumes out into today's competitive markets while working within a reasonable budget to provide the best options for our clients. Unlike our competitors, we engage with our clients to make them part of the production process. Our customers are able to choose what fabric is used, color of the fabric, and what type of construction they prefer for their designs. Every costume is made from scratch. It starts at the drawing table and moves onto drafting the pattern. Every costume is made-to- order for each client.

Our Aesthetic

Each costume is tailored to our clients personal measurements and designed to fit each persons' individual body shape. It is our goal at Coslife Studios to ensure that our clients are confident and comfortable in our designs. In addition to providing quality costumes to our clients, we like to keep everyone up to date by providing progress photos and posts onto our social media sites and blog. By providing these insights, our clients can provide feedback to us if they feel the need to change any details or suggest anything regarding their projects.
Coslife Studio knows the important of quality and accuracy when it comes to each design and project. We are always up to the challenge and strive for the best in order to please our clients. We are experienced in the following designs: Cosplay, Renaissance, Lolita, Sci-Fi, Disney, and more. Even share your own personal designs and we're confident that we can design that too.

Coslife Studios work has been featured at events such as Anime Expo, A-kon, Anime Boston, Fanime, Comic Cons, Sakura Con, and more. We've had personal designs from our Designer featured with companies such as TNT, Sonic Burger, and Disney.

Check out the portfolio: [URL=""]click here[/URL]


Elena of Avalor - Elena Day of the Dead
Dragon Ball Z - Gohan
Supergirl - Supergirl Tv Show
Steven Universe- Falcon
Jo Jo Adventure
Bioshock Infinite - Elizabeth
Macho Man - Randy Savage
Overlord Pandora
Gurren Lagen Cape
RWBY -Qrow Branwen
RWBY - Yang Xiao Long
Eureka 7 : Anemone
Disney: Maleficent
Lord of the Rings - Gandalf the Grey
FFXVI - Terra Brandofrd
One Piece - Drake X
Houshin Engi - Ryuukitsu
Blazeblue - Rachel Alucard
Fire Emblem - Marth
RWBY - Adam Taurus
League of Legend - Ahri
World God Only Knows: Keima
Kill La Kill - Uzu
One Piece - Nico Robin
Code Geass - Lelouch
Code Geass - Zero
Persona - Protagonist
Aang vs. Zuko Youtube Project
Final Fantasy XIV - Scholar
Marvel - Winter Soilder
War Hammer 40,000 - Dead Korps
Street Fighter - M Bison
Sakura Wars - Ichiro Ogami
Digimon - Tatako Matsuki
Vampire Batman - Crimson Mist
Magi Madoka Magica - Madoka Kaname
Elder Scrolls Online - Brenton Knight
Kill la kill - Uzu
Fire Emblem Awakening - Tharja
Batman Arkham Asylum - Joker
Kingdom Hearts - Unmasked Vanitas
Game of Thrones - Oberyn Martell
Nexon America In, Maple Story - Hilla & Yvona
Final Fantasy X - Shiva
Unknown - Takt
Tales of Grace - Pascal
Fire Emblem - Lucina
Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku
Wreck it Ralph - Rancis Flugger Butter
Code Geass - Dark Knight
Sword Art Online - Asuna & Kirito
Pokemon - Champion Iris
Borderlands 2 - Axton Boots
Final Fantasy 8 - Rinoa Heartilly
Vash the Stampede - Vash
League of Legends - Ahri ( red)
Spiderman Universe - Mysterio
League of Legends - Goth Tibbers
League of Legend - Ahri ( white)
Joker - Harley Quinn
Hunger Games - Quiver
Borderlands 2 - Moxxi
Fire Emblem Awakening - Tharja
Dog Days - Nior Vinocacao & Eclair Martinozzi
Sarah Farron - Beah Version
Sarah Farron - White Mage Version
Grimes Tales - Grim Jr.
League of Legend - Offier Caitlyn
Attack on Titans- Mikara Ackermen
Fairytale - Juvia
Vocaloid - Kagamine Len
Batman Arkham - Riddler
Marvel - Winter Soilder
One Piece - BAby 5
Attack on Titan - Eren Jaeger
Pokemon - Shiny Charizard
RWBY - Nora Magnhild Gun
Arkham Asylum - Harley Quinn (custom design)
Kill la Kill - Uzu Gold
Blood + Otonashi - Saya
Nourin - Kusakabe Yuka
Panty & Stockings - Brief
Custom - Tomato
Blazeblue - Taokaka
Marvel - Winter Soilder
Steel Legion Garden - Garen
Dota 2 - Mirana
Haiyore! - Nyaruko
Braverly Default - Anges Vestal Garb
Attack on Titan - Scout Capes
Marvel - Gladiator ( Kallark)
Tokyo Ghoul - Kaneki Mask
Sailor Moon - Princess Serenity
Majimoji Rurumo - Rurumo
Akame ga kiru - Lubbock
Alice in Wonderland - Doormouse
Assassins Creed 3 - Connor
Dr. Who - Timelord
Final Fantasy 7 - Tifa
Young Justice - Artmeis
Devil May Cry - Vergil & Dante
Disney - Mulan
Guilty Crown - Daryl Yan
Fire Emblem Awakening - Avatar
Last Airbender - Ty Lee
Final Fantasy Advent Children - Cloud
Ghost in the Shell - Major
Twisted MEtal - Sweet Tooth
FFVII - Dirge of Cereberus - Sheklke Rui
Sailor Moon - Serina
Devil May Cry - Vergil
League of Legends - Miss Fortune
Jinrui Wa Suitai Shimashita - WAtashi
K Project - Misaki
Kingdom Hearts - Shiki Misaki
Overwatch - Mercy
Final Fantasy - Freya Crescent
Christmas Elf - Exclusive Project
Final Fantasy - Vivi
Ravages of Time - Pang Tong
Marvel - Knight Wing
Ninja Con 2013 Fashion Show:SOA, K Project, Amneisa
Last Airbender - Ravva
How to Train your Dragon 2 - Alpha Male Dragon
Joker Batman - Arkham Asylum
Pokemon Colosseum - Wes
Game of Thrones - Oberyn Martell