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#1 figment1986 on 4 years ago

I'm curious, We've all done it once in a blue moon and sometimes the cosplayers let us show off our mistakes in a photo, what's your favorite blooper from a shoot.

I was recently at Omni Expo shooting at the Sailor Moon meet up and while shooting a Tuxedo Mask I had the idea to have his cape held out, well two scouts eagerly grabbed both sides and this was the result which i call Tuxedo Magician.


#2 brucer007 on 4 years ago

What was your blooper/mistake? It seems to have a decent effect.

#3 figment1986 on 4 years ago

[QUOTE=brucer007;5018339]What was your blooper/mistake? It seems to have a decent effect.[/QUOTE]

Tuxedo mask looks more like a Magician or even the current incarnation of the Doctor with BOTH sides of his cape up like that... and the wind kicked in blowing it the wrong way too.

#4 nathancarter on 4 years ago

She was jumping around and doing high kicks, and her headdress slipped down in front of her face. I was still firing away, and got this one ... just had to 'shop in the Cyclops ruby laser.

[url=][img][/img][/url][url=]VikingPrincess_20130418_4625.jpg[/url] by [url=]Nathan Carter[/url], on Flickr