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#1 gypsy_girl on 1 year ago

#2 Chiagirl on 1 year ago

I don't usually cosplay for Halloween and instead just go with your typical Halloween costume ideas as it's more comfortable, is easier to get in and out of, and I don't have to bother with pesky wigs. As a kid I had a horse costume, and when I outgrew that I threw together a cowgirl outfit with what I had in my closet and a cowboy hat and stick horse from the dress up box. Most of my teenage and young adult years I wore a witch costume, though I did wear my Sheena cosplay one year after college while taking my little sister around. Now I just hand out candy; first as a grim reaper, last year as a viking, and this year as red riding hood. They're all your typical store bought costumes though as it's just plain cheaper to grab something for $20 then to try and sew it yourself. You get some pretty sweat deals if you can find anything good leftover after Halloween as well. I managed to snag an Egyptian costume and staff that I'll probably use for next year.

My brother went as a devil and Bob the builder when he was younger, then Spiderman and a grim reaper when he got older. My sister wore the same devil costume when she was young, then moved onto a cat and a witch when she got older. Sadly neither of them dress up for Halloween anymore, so I'm pretty much on my own.

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