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#1 Candycheetah on 2 years ago

Hi everyone! So I'm trying to get some groups set up. Below I will list the anime, cosplays, and members we already have for the groups. PM or or reply to this if you're interested.

Clannad: All evening Thursday. We have Nagisa and probably Tomoya. Definitely need an Ushio, Akio, and Sanae for sure. Will take the rest of the cast though!

Gravitation: All Friday morning and afternoon. We could use K to complete our Bad Luck group.

Bleach: All evening Friday. We've got Ichigo, Zangetsu, Hitsugaya, and Nel. Could use the other Captains and Rangiku, but will definitely take the rest of the cast.

Noragami: All Sunday. We have Yukine, Koufuku, and either Yato/Rabo.
Let me know if you wanna join us!