Stay cool while looking cool

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#1 SuperBee on 3 years ago

Since we are all gonna die from the stupid heat let's create a list of survival tips to stay cool in our cosplays.

Water and lots of it
Take breaks
Hydration towel that always feels cold and wet
Microfiber towels to soak up moisture
Underarmour it is designed to keep you cool
Fans (wish I made one instead of the quadrant)
Mist spray
Spash water on your face

What else?

#2 ShinobiXikyu on 3 years ago

On the lines of microfiber towerls, look for these neoprene stay-cool towels (they're sold in basically a plastic bottle with a clip top, I found them in the first aid/home healthcare section. They stay wet (and cold) for hours and wick sweat away, so hello, refreshing coolness. I cut one in half for leg wraps since my boots do not breathe at ALL, and one regular one to keep handy.