Cosplaying Kaden from Fire Emblem....HELP!

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#1 WonderingRose on 3 years ago

Well as it says I am going to cosplay Kaden with my friends who are also cosplaying the same as me except I have a problem...I have a very large chest


And I know there is no way to complete make them go away or down without having extreme trouble breathing.

So is there a way to do the open chest like he has and still bind them down a bit without using duct tape? This is going to be for AKON this coming June

Any and all help would be deeply appreciated, thank you!

#2 TunaTetrazzini on 3 years ago

You can still use open chest binding techniques, but use medical tape instead of duct tape. Medical tape is meant to go on the skin and be taken off easier. Duct tape is NOT meant to go on the skin and takes your skin with it when you take it off. >C< You can also put toilet tissue over the areola to protect it. For bigger chest sizes more tape is needed.

To remove the binding afterwards, put baby oil or lotion on the bandages to help removal and moisturizing afterwards is important!

#3 Yumewa on 3 years ago

If you're comfortable doing so, you can try purchasing a binder to give you a flatter chest. Although Kaden does expose his chest a bit, you can probably use dyed fabric to give the illusion of pectorals.