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  • So I just bought a $60 pair of contacts for my next cosplay and now I've ripped one and TO BE HONEST, I'm not super into the idea of buying $60 worth of new ones (because I'm broke and stingy).

    SO *clears throat*, can anybody help me with some suggestions of how I can wear just one lense? :3 I naturally have dark, dark, dark, abyssally dark brown eyes (basically black). For the next con, Melb Supernova, I'm going as Chuuya Nakahara and he always has two eyes out, if that makes sense >.>

    So um....if anybody could give me any suggestions on things I could do that would be great c:


  • It would look far more noticeable to only have one contact in than it would to just not wear contacts. Many people (including me) can't wear contacts for medical reasons, so they are far from a required item. A lot of people don't even notice eye color, and eye color can always be changed in Photoshop later.

  • I just feel like there's always this pressure to achieve total perfection of the character you're cosplaying. Aha it's probably all inside my head.

    Thanks fabrickind c: