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#1 SuperBee on 2 years ago

I know it's been the first day but seriously.... The political party convention is happening too and there is nosebleed parking (if that... some where circling looking for parking).

#2 Black Blossom on 2 years ago

My day ended yesterday since both my two friends were tired out from the commute/walking around (myself I woke up sore but I can manage) so we didn't go Sunday. But all in all I had fun! I had no problems and hoping to go back next year (and this time with a finished costume).
Here are some of my notable highlights (in no particular order):
- Saw a Beezlmon
- Revelations Ezio Auditore 'sparring' with Templars
- 'Jesse Anderson' recognized me as Ruri
- Got a picture of my favourite cosplay at the event, a kick ass Angemon!
- Saw a really cool female Sesshomaru
- Saw Alexis Rhodes and Blair Flannigan
- Pikachu dressed as a Hokage (I mentioned this to my friend and the look on his face made me laugh xD! He did a double take.)
- A really awesome Sailor Uranus/Neptune
- An amazing Rose Quartz
& there might be some others but it was such a blur to be honest xD

I just remembered a couple!
- The. best. One Punch Man. EVER.
- So many Yurios. (Yuri on Ice)

Edit #2:
- Kylo Ren, Ahsoka & Luke Skywalker!
- Drax the Destroyer & Gamora.

Edit #3:
- Saw a police officer posing with someone's prop and asked for the guy to take his picture, that was nice to see. He looked really happy.

#3 SuperBee on 2 years ago

Here's a breakdown.


Parking was stupid. Enough about that. So we realized that programming would have changed that previous years. Saw that there were line ups on the opposite side which confused us. Inside was a mess of confusion trying to figure out where to go around, in and out of the building, and getting the lay of the land. Volunteers seemed to be just as confused as we were.

Lots of walking. Got Cafe Delish tickets (first time doing that) because I couldn't get any on Friday. We really enjoyed the cafe. Lines were very long to do anything and the dealers room was a mess. Saw lots of good costumes.

Wasn't there for long, was too tired.

-cafe delish was a pleasant surprise.
-variety of food spots
-trash bins were around as was water stations
-appreciated the guide book and maps
-very visible security

-parking sucked but that couldn't be helped
-lack of help from the volunteers, and then not doing their jobs by chasing after people for photos
-there needs to be a larger space between the food trucks and the food tents along the TCC
-the whole autograph thing
-mario kart tournament was poorly organized
-not much variety in the dealers room. Felt like they all had same or similar stuff

#4 Black Blossom on 2 years ago

Decided to make a new post instead of just adding edits now, yeah the dealer's room didn't have much selection; but for me I really just wanted wigs for future costumes so thats why it didn't bug me. I felt that volunteers/security did a good job, I overheard people getting directed on Friday and my friend and I were told to leave but only because we stopped in an area where we couldn't wait (regardless of not being in people's way. I had to change at the con so he had to wait outside and I had to wait for him outside on Saturday since I couldn't see him.)
I wasn't able to do much because my friends wanted to go to the dealers room, and by the time we'd be done they were tired. Not really complaining, because I can comromise but even though costumes were my thing to see, I did want to do more.
Forgot to add below but I was pleasantly surprised by someone who went as Hungary in her military outfit and Romania! Not many people go as him so that was nice to see.

#5 Pasiphilo on 2 years ago

I had a lot of fun this year! My son joined me for his first time at AN. We cosplayed Yokai and Hiro from Big Hero 6. He loved it.

Does anyone know the name of the song used in the closing ceremonies music video?

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