Princess Zelda BOTW cosplay help?

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#1 ICrafty123 on 2 years ago

Hey :D
I have a cosplay event in about a month, and I would like to go as Princess Zelda from the new Zelda game, Breath of the Wild. I have the hair and ears, so i just need to figure our how to make the outfit. I can't really decide between her white dress or her travel outfit (shown in pictures attatched) because I don't know what would be easier to make or look better. If you have any tips on how to make pieces from either of her outfits, please comment below. Any help is much appreciated! :D

**Extra Notes***
I can sew by hand and by machine to about an intermediate/advanced level, and have experience in creating props from cardboard/wood/craft foam/etc.


#2 GracefulNightingale on 2 years ago

Hey beautiful! I think if you did her travel outfit it would look the best! You'd also be more recognizable, I think, as being from BotW. Also, more photo ops for other BotW cosplayers! :heart:

As far as construction goes, I don't think it would be terribly difficult for you to create. I'd start doing some research on materials and perhaps watching a few tutorials to help get you started. Overall though, I hope that you have fun with the project! That's the most important factor, IMO. :heart: :heart:

Hope this helps! ^_^