Doctor's Weight Loss Visit Advice

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#1 Emi Hana on 2 years ago

Edit - I know you guys aren't doctors, but I could use some advice as to what kind of questions I should be asking. Because I'm not good at them. Here's the story...

We - meaning doctor and I - are going to meet sometime this month. The issue is my weight loss, mostly because I know I can reach a specific vanity size, but my ideal weight and final goal is still yet to be un-determined.

I have also been experiencing 2 issues with my weight loss. Mostly my water weight and the fact that I take birth control. The water weight issue is kind of confusing, so I hope I can explain it better. Here goes...

I exercise and eat, and while I may drop an inch somewhere, I suddenly add water weight. For example: last week I weighed 187 Pounds. However, my waist size was 39 inches. When I weighed myself today - I only weigh myself once a week - I weighed 188 Pounds, but my waist size dropped to 38 inches. I've had this problem ever since I dropped out of the 200's range, but I was told that this is all water weight. So my problem is, I'm gaining what I think is water weight, but I'm losing actual inches off my body.

My 2nd problem is my Birth Control. I was originally put on birth control to regulate and have periods - I wasn't having periods on a regular basis. Then I started losing weight, and very slowly, the periods stopped. Now I have no period for the month. I also need to speak to my doctor about that, because I think the 2 are inter-related.

I have also decided - until I visit my doctor - to up my in-take of water, just incase it will help regulate the problem.

My question is, with the water weight and birth control, should I ask for bloodwork done - besides the usual questions about what weight range I need aspire to? I don't know if these problems are inter-related or can be handled individually.

Also, are there any other questions / tests I should consider asking my doctor about? I really want to come prepared, but with my 2 problems, I get the feeling that something isn't working right.


#2 Mangochutney on 2 years ago

You don't mention which birth control you're taking. Some of them do stop you from menstruating entirely, and some don't, and some do on some people.

As for your weight and measurements fluctuating slightly during the month, that is also normal. Even without menstruating. It may be water, it may be loss of mass overall, there's no way for internet strangers to tell. Once a week is a good interval, but don't look at your results week to week. Look at them month to month.

Get the bloodwork. A lot of doctors like it as a baseline and a signifier for underlying things that may have gone unnoticed due to lack of symptoms. Vitamin deficiency, thyroid, blood sugar, and so on. Lots of info. Good to have. Not really related to weight, though.

If you're being active and eating reasonably and bloodwork shows nothing unusual, then the body shape you have is the body shape your body wants you to have. Do with that what you will.

#3 Slapthefatcat on 2 years ago

The body can fluctuate up to 5 lbs daily, so a general timeline over months is the best way to really track your weight loss.

Birth control can alter your period schedule, but if you have a prescription-type and have lost a lot of weight (>10% original body weight), you need to get your meds checked and adjusted, even beyond just the birth control meds.

If you are exercising a ridiculous amount and/or are chronically stressed, that can also affect your period schedule. But the most likely scenario is that you just need to adjust the dosage of your birth control or switch to a different brand for effectiveness.

Your doctor will decide if you need bloodwork, but it's likely something simple enough that it would not be needed.

#4 Emi Hana on 2 years ago

Okay, sorry for the necro, but I have some news from my doctor's visit. When I got weighed at the start of my visit, I only weighed 192 Pounds, which is a small drop from my previous visit weight, which was 194 Pounds. My doctor took one good look at me and told me I there was no way I only dropped 2 Pounds. In fact, she thought I dropped [i]way more[/i] weight than just 2 Pounds.

So I suffered the indignity of a blood draw - I hate needles - and a urine sample. What my doctor wants to check is to see if I have a hormonal problem. If it is hormones - which have been wonky ever since I was 13 years old - then they may have to change my birth control and /or add or remove something I'm already taking.

If it turns out I have hormone problems, then it will be another round - generally speaking - of birth control options. Again, I wouldn't be surprised if it was hormones.

#5 Mangochutney on 2 years ago

Don't forget that body composition is a thing. Muscle is denser than fat; you can look smaller and weigh exactly the same.

I think it's good you had the blood draw and are getting tests done, because it's better to know than not know if something isn't working right.

#6 Slapthefatcat on 2 years ago

I'm glad that you are still working on it Emi Hana, and although it may suck that there's no definitive answer to it yet, you can at least determine it wasn't for lack of trying on your part.

#7 Emi Hana on 2 years ago

Okay, update. I got a call from the doctor's office, and hormones and urine tests came back normal. I have no idea why I stopped for such a long time, but then again, this past Monday, I started having my cycle.

The doctor has assured me that I am probably [b]NOT[/b] going into early menopause, but I think one of the reasons that I'm stuck at that range, besides water addition, is probably my diet. I'm starting on adding more fruits, nuts, and veggies into my diet. I'm also planning to cook more healthy foods than just buying soups and cheese. In fact, if I can, any advice on good low-carb / diabetic cookbooks I can buy would be wonderful.

I'll still go to the gym, but hopefully a change in my diet can start up my weight loss. I may have hit a weight loss plateau at the 180's Range.

Also, the doctor's visit did some good. I got measured, and as it turns out, I am 4 Feet 11 Inches.25 tall, so technically, my goal should be in the 130's Weight Loss Range. Now with a firm goal in mind, I need to continue eating right and exercising.