Kirby cosplay?

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#1 Nebbles on 2 years ago

I believe I'm posting this in the right forum!

So, I want to do a cosplay of Parasol Kirby, because it's my favorite copy ability - I've already got some ideas for it, but some suggestions/advice would be great!

Here is the cutie: [url][/url]

My ideas are basically of course, to make a replica of the parasol by either finding one or painting over a cheap, white umbrella, wear red rain boots, get a pink wig (unsure of style) and have a warp star hairclip in it, then have perhaps a pink sweater and red shorts? It should be really easy to piece together once I have a concrete idea - I could even bring it to Otakon next year.

Thanks in advance!

#2 paintedrocket on 2 years ago

That sounds super cute! My advice if you want the little star at the top is to carve it from something lightweight (like Styrofoam) and paint it, then attach it to the umbrella.