JoJo's Bizzare Adventure Gathering 2015

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#1 Aiki Sakata on 4 years ago

I wanted to drum up interest for this gathering since I didn't see a thread for it! Will there be any other JJBA cosplayers at ALA next year?

Let's decide on an optimal gathering date and time! Location suggestions are helpful too!

Also feel free to post who you'll be dressed as!

#2 KatiePants on 4 years ago

I know a bunch of friends are cosplaying JoJo at ALA
I'll be cosplaying Narancia and we got Bruno's gang minus Fugo and Abbacchio
I think Saturday is a good day, and a good place would probably be the patio maybe around 2?

#3 GuiltyRose on 4 years ago

I'll be there as either Kakyoin or Koichi!

Friday or Saturday would probably be best!

#4 Aiki Sakata on 4 years ago

Looks like Saturday is winning thus far! If you do know others cosplaying from JJBA, please have them vote on the day as well so we have a well-balanced vote. ^o^

#5 Kipa-chan on 4 years ago

OMG this actually exists!

Well I totally didn't see this thread when I was looking here earlier, so I'm really sorry if anyone feels like I'm stepping on their toes or anything. A friend and I actually started planning a Jojo gathering for Friday.

Here's the link to the facebook page for anyone interested in attending:

I'll make an official thread as well.

If Saturday really works better for most people we can try to change it, but there's a lot more gatherings scheduled for Saturday than for Friday so we thought Friday made more sense

#6 annagail on 4 years ago

My husband and I are planning a JoJo cosplay but we are both still deciding exactly what costumes to make.

Edit: We can do Friday or Saturday, or Sunday for that matter. We plan on being there all weekend. :)