DC Comic Cosplay Meetup?

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#1 J-Nagle on 5 years ago


I am wondering if there will be anyone willing to meet up on Sunday for pictures? I'm looking for DC comic book/movie/show characters like Batman, Superman, Catwoman, etc.

I'll be dressed as Arkham Knight Harley Quinn. So if interested, drop a comment! This will be my first con!


#2 dogwitch on 5 years ago

Rorschach i will be. their is normal a dc and marvel meet up

#3 nathancarter on 5 years ago

There's a huge group meet-and-shoot planned for Sunday at 2pm.

There's a Facebook event for it; I can't link to it right now, but it's titled "MEGACON DC COSPLAY SHOOT" - search for that and it should turn up.

I expect to be set up off to the side taking individual and small-group portraits.

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