Peter Pan Live Cosplay

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#1 kojirojames2004 on 5 years ago

So, is anyone planning to have a cosplay based on [i]Peter Pan Live[/i]? Allison Williams stated that she wanted kids to dress up as either Pan or Tinkerbell next Halloween, but what about cosplayers?

#2 kojirojames2004 on 5 years ago

Welp, since no one is actually talking about it, I might as well add a few attachments in pictures for you.

#3 AdventurerEmily on 5 years ago

I actually didn't much care for the costumes in this production. Allison's Peter was really obviously female, Walken's Hook was not really dandy enough, and the Lost Boys were dressed in what appeared to be school uniforms (plus they all looked to be about 23-26 years old, wut?).

I would love to cosplay Wendy from the novel or even the 2003 film (my fiance would make a good Peter, he's blonde and has a baby face even in his 20s). But I'll pass on the Peter Pan Live! outfits.

#4 PetiteAltesse on 4 years ago

I'd love to do a Peter Pan cosplay from the Peter Pan Live production.

I really liked the look of Allison's Peter Pan costume. I'm also thrilled that they chose her for the role. She did a great job! I'm glad that they returned to a female lead, like in the original Peter Pan (and Cathy Rigby) production(s).

And Christpher Walken did such an amazing job as Hook! His performance reminded me of Sam Zeller's Captain Hook from the Cathy Rigby production.