Anyone going to Detour?

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#1 0palHeart on 4 years ago

So I wasn't there last year but The previous 3 years I've been to Detour and I'm going again this year! Anyone here going to Detour 2015? If so any idea who you're going as yet? I'd love to meet you there!

#2 Synaster on 4 years ago

You'll find me as Killua Zoldyck from Hunter x Hunter. I know there'll be another Killua, but my coscom username will match my badge name. I'll also have a Dragonair gijinka too.

#3 Yeaboie on 4 years ago

If i hadn't forgotten to get my badge I probably wouldv went as snow villiers, kirito, and another character i wasn't sure on lol. Welp, there's always next year!

#4 polkadotdream on 4 years ago

I'm going as Flame Princess this year! It should be really fun! (^ ^)