So... tips on handling the discomfort of a supersuit?

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#1 Chiasmus on 4 years ago

So, I'd like to cosplay Gogo Tomago's [URL=""]supersuit version[/URL] from Big Hero 6 - love the character, love the movie, love the suit, have big dreams for outfitting the suit with rollerblades when I'm not at cons. And after about six or so years at cosplaying, I think I'm ready to take on the challenge of body armor.

...but have I mentioned that I'm very uncomfortable in tight fitting clothing and have never done a tight-fitting cosplay before? Sure, I'm active and physically fit, but I usually wear fairly loose/baggy things day-to-day, not just out of aesthetic choices but out of comfort. Even with swimwear I tend to wear a skirt or shorts over the actual suit. Nevermind the idea of wearing a clingy, possibly sweaty, formfitting suit allowing my less-that-concealed posterior to be on open display in front of large crowds.

Has anyone else experienced some similar discomfort or apprehension and found a way to overcome it? Or perhaps you might know a tip or two on finding/making suits that minimize the revealing/skin-clinging effect?

Thanks in advance!

#2 Eldi on 4 years ago

I find that wearing something like spanx under it helps me feel less exposed, and just chosing a thicker material for the suit if possible

#3 philosocrates on 3 years ago

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