Modeling/Posing Critique

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#1 kandell on 5 years ago

Hi everyone! Not sure if this is the best place for this thread, but as it pertains to photos I figured I'd try here.

I want to get better at posing for cosplay photos. I was wondering if you all would be able to give me tips on how to pose to better flatter my shape and cosplays? There are some photos on my profile from a recent cosplay shoot and I'd love some constructive criticism on improving my poses!!

#2 nathancarter on 5 years ago

Are you talking about the swimsuit photos?

#3 kandell on 5 years ago

[QUOTE=nathancarter;4928205]Are you talking about the swimsuit photos?[/QUOTE]

Yes, those are the most recent. Critiques on the pink/feathery cosplay and the white/red fairy (elf ears) would be awesome, as well!

I just really suck at posing and know I could do a lot better, just not sure where to start.

#4 nathancarter on 5 years ago

Dang it, I had a big response typed up then I accidentally went to another page in this tab, and lost my post. I'll try to come back to it later.

Some links in the meantime:

* Useful if you ever want to cosplay as a 60's or 70's secretary. Still, some of the core concepts are still valid.


#5 kandell on 5 years ago

Thanks! You're a rock star ^^