Yugioh Shoot 2015

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#1 seto_kaiba_36 on 3 years ago

i am going to try to host a yugioh shoot again

like allways lets try to figure out the time and place !

i plan on cosplaing shun kurosaki if i cant get that done in time i will just take photos

who are you bringing ?

and what is the best time and date do you yall think ?

#2 seto_kaiba_36 on 3 years ago


facebook event

#3 Princess Yuni on 3 years ago

I'm gonna be Yuzu saturday, you still doing the photoshoot?

#4 Shadarkness on 3 years ago

If I can get things organized, I'll most likely be bringing Yuya Sakaki!


#5 seto_kaiba_36 on 3 years ago

here is the public event sorry to all my phone screwed up when i made it


i am dieing the jacket now for shun

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