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#1 daggercloak22 on 4 years ago

Hey guys. I'm back again because I have questions regarding another cosplay I have planned for an event later this year. I am planning to go as Dracula from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2; it was either this or Gabriel Belmont from the first game and Dracula just seemed a better choice for a venue at the tail end of summer. I figure this one'll be easier to do as the skin tone is just a few shades lighter than my own. My concerns are for the fabric for the costume and the color contacts. I may have some concerns for his claws, his actual claws, not the weapon. My fingernails can get quite long, but I may need to get work done by a professional or get press-ons. Any advice towards these concerns, as well as advice for anything I might've overlooked, would be nice, and I thank anyone willing to participate in this thread.

P.S. My cosplay last year was a success, but my Internet was down afterwords, so I was unable to post any pictures to share with you guys. If you still want to see them, I can post them later, just look for my name.

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