How to delete an Ad?

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#1 Master Null on 4 years ago

Hi! I posted 5 ads in the marketplace and I need to delete them; one because I sold an item, and two because they are updated and have more items for sale. Can I delete them? I tried finding a way to do so but with no luck.

#2 Ion on 4 years ago

You can delete ads but the option is sort of hidden.

1.) Go to the Marketplace Tab -----> Profile.
2.) This brings up a page with all your current listings.
3.) Select the listing you want to delete.
4.) Scroll to the bottom of the page where you see "USER OPTIONS".
5.) In the 2nd row of icons there will be a pencil and notepad icon for EDITING. Pick that.
6a.) If you just want to update details, you can change text/add pics etc. here too.
6b.) To completely delete, scroll to the bottom of your listing and there will be a CHECKBOX for deletion.
7a.) If just adding/updating/changing information, make changes, scroll to bottom of page, hit "Submit Changes".
7b.) If deleting, check that box off and hit "Submit changes", then your listing is deleted.

Another thing to note is that the listing page has an icon for marking items as "SOLD" but due to a system glitch, sold items will still count toward your 5 listing limit. It wasn't always this way which was nice as you could keep track your sold item history. Anyway, now you need to delete listings to free up space for more items and if it matters, keep a written record on your computer or paper of anything you sold.

Hope this helps.