SF Bay Area Nerdy Fashion Show!

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#1 VindiBirch on 6 years ago

Nerdy Fashion Show at the EBRC Nerdy Cosplay Field Day!

Think your Star Wars dress kicks more butt than your
friend's Doctor Who apron? Make your own chic geek
clothing and wanna see how it stacks up with that
of your peers? Then sign up today for our Nerdy Fashion
Show Contest for your chance to win one of the following prizes:

-Best of Show
-Best Youth, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Entries
-Best Sketchbook
(Show us your five best designs!)
-Best QuickDraw Design
(We give you a theme, you have ten mins to design!)
-Best Found Item Ensemble -Best Accessory
-Best Nerdy Theme Adaptation
-Best Character Adaptation
And maybe even more!

You can enter up to three different outfits, one sketchbook and one QuickDraw
design. To enter, send an email to [email][email protected][/email] with your name, contact
info, model's name and a brief description of your entry and experience level. Space
is limited, so sign up today! Find our full event page on Facebook.

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