2015 Hotels?

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#1 13Kai-Kai on 6 years ago

Looking into going to Megacon next year and would need to find a hotel...How fast do they sell out? And which ones do you recommend?

EDIT: I have booked a room. You can all use this thread to discuss hotels and stuff now if you like.

#2 Vickicat on 6 years ago

I can tell you what hotel I do not recommend... My friend and I stayed at Orlando Metropolitan Resort. I can't even tell you all the issues we had or you'd be reading this post forever. I will just say that it was an absolutely horrible experience and I'm now disputing the charges with my credit card company; it was so bad that I don't even think I should have to pay for it. I'll sum it up by saying they wasted a huge amount of our time just getting us checked in (I'm talking hours) that we could have been spending at the convention and the rooms are horrible. They also overbooked and turned a huge amount of people away who had reserved rooms months in advance, leaving them with nowhere to stay. For some reason they are listed on Megacon's official website in their list of hotels. They really shouldn't be. Apparently they have had problems in past years too. I just want to get this out there to inform as many people as possible to avoid this place because people have no idea, then they get their and get screwed over big time.

#3 13Kai-Kai on 6 years ago

Thank you very much for the warning!!! It's much appreciated, I'm going down with my siblings and my one sisters boyfriend :) I booked us a room at the Hilton not far from the convention center. Others may use this thread to discuss hotels and stuff like that.

#4 dogwitch on 6 years ago

if you can book the rosen centre hotel (one right beside the con ) at the right time its 250 for 3 full days with free parking

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