Which Hetalia Character Should I Cosplay?

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#1 Fairy_Tail_Mage on 5 years ago

I'm going to Boston Comic Con this Summer but I'm at a loss for who to go as! I'm a girl by the way. My hair is sort of a dark coppery color and it's really short. A pixie cut. And I wear glasses. I can't do contacts. And my eyes are green. I'd also want to dress up as a Hetalia Character for my Summer Camp and school Spirit Week. Who do you think I should go as???

#2 Toribelle96 on 5 years ago

If you are okay with wearing a wig, Nyotalia England wears glasses, this is the link to the nyotalia page : [url]http://hetalia.kitawiki.net/index.php?title=Nyotalia[/url] ^.^ good luck

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