Mistress 9 cosplay help wanted

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#1 maskedrose on 5 years ago

Hi All!

I want to do a Mistress 9 manga version cosplay.

Any suggestions on patterns or cosplayers I can speak to would be much appreciated! I have some ideas but they're all very fuzzy right now.

Oh, and fabric suggestions are appreciated as well!



#2 fancy_duckie on 5 years ago

I would say to try to find a vest or blouse pattern for the top, maybe something like this: [url]http://www.simplicity.com/p-11721-misses-button-up-mini-dress-or-shirt-with-variations.aspx[/url] For this one, you'd have to add darts or use a smaller size because the fit is kind of loose, and Mistress 9's is very fitted. You could have it zip up the front or the back with an invisible zipper (my preference would be back, but it's your call). The collar you could probably free-hand if you can't find a pattern, just use some interfacing to help it stick up.

For the skirt, you could pattern your own circle skirt (I'd say half or full): [url]http://pattythesnugbug.com/2011/circle-skirt-calculator-for-the-drafting-of-full-half-and-34-skirts-with-bonus-grading-worksheet/[/url] and have it close with an invisible zipper or you could just use an elastic waistband since the top of the skirt is hidden by the shirt.

For fabrics, I would probably go with cotton sateen, casa satin, or crepe satin for the shirt and the same for the skirt.

For the pearls, you can usually buy them in bulk online from amazon or ebay, and just string them yourself. To get them to drape properly, you can install hooks & eyes to keep them relatively in place, and this will also let you wash the shirt without worrying about ruining the pearls.

Hope this helps!

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