How to imitate these shoes

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#1 rollingstar5 on 5 years ago

Hey everyone!

So I'm obsessed with [URL=""]Madoka's shoes from Puella Madoka Magica[/URL]

I have been searching the internet for months to find a black pair of heels as close to these as possible for less than $100 (to use for a gothic lolita co-ord) and have had a lot of trouble! I was wondering if anyone has shop recommendations?

Here are the pairs I've found so far:
[URL=""]Cosplay shoes from China, $60[/URL] (I like the matte option for these, but I wonder about the quality.)

[URL=""]Custom shoes from Clobba $52 + unknown shipping[/URL]

I have also been toying with the idea of trying to imitate the shoes myself. I found [URL=""]this pair of x-strap maryjane heels[/URL] that would be a good starting point, but I don't really know where to go from there.

If anyone has any shop suggestions or diy tips, please let me know! Thanks so much.:angel:

#2 Milky Bubbles on 5 years ago

So you're looking for a pair of shoes that look like Madoka's but are black?

If you want to go with imitating the shoes versus buying really expensive lolita-styled/cosplay only to paint over them, all you really need to do with those Mary Janes you found is paint them!
(Like, if you don't like the black that they are, paint over it until they are at a point that you like.)

I've seen some cosplayers cover the shoe with primer before painting over it but as you can see [URL=""]in this video by Axeceleration Cosplay[/URL], painting over it with acrylic mixed with fabric paint works just as well!

After painting the shoes you can choose to spray some clear acrylic over them if you want to give them a glossy finish but that step isn't really necessary unless you want that touch.

You can also refer to [URL=""]this older Forum post about painting shoes[/URL] and see if anything there helps you~

[URL=""]I also found this blog post about how a cosplayer made her shoes for a Sakizou cosplay![/URL]
She used the process of coating them in Gesso before painting over the shoes.

For the bow on the back you can just find a fabric bow(or make one) that matches the black that you used to paint the shoes!

For the third strap that goes above the crossing pieces on the ankle, you can just make that from an elastic band painted to match the shoes/bow.

Other than that, your best bet would be simply digging through more lolita-style based websites until you find a pair of shoes that you like at a price you can afford or do as I said above and find some shoes that were made for a magical girl Madoka cosplay and paint them black.

#3 Jei-Cos on 5 years ago

For a Lolita coord, I would advise against painting your shoes. Those first black ones you posted are as close as you're gonna get. They are the right shape, have the same cross straps and have the ankle strap with the back bow. You won't get any closer than those. Make sure you check out reviews on the place you get them from too, you don't want cheap crap that doesn't feel right (if they are "costume quality" you will not be happy with the waste of your money because they WILL wear down FAST..That is..If they even last the event..). Even if they aren't costume quality, they might still be very BAD quality, and not worth wasting the money on just to have to get new ones really soon.

I'd look at these places:
They are better quality than some of the other places that are also cheaper in price. I'd give you Brand stuff, but this is for the cheaper pricing here.

Hope this helps.