Twelfth Doctor cosplay!

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#1 Hoshi26 on 4 years ago

Since it is less that a week until Twelve debuts, I have set up a place for people cosplaying him to share tips and ask questions! For my cosplay, I have most of the materials clothing-wise, but I was wondering what the best way is to line the coat in red fabric. Can I get a link to a tutorial for that? Also, finding the coat was hard for me. I actually spoke with a menswear seller, and he said he has seen vintage coats like Twelve's sell online for $400+. Might there be a way to get a similar looking coat for cheaper?

#2 Royalbakaness on 4 years ago

I am officially in love with Twelve. I'm thinking of doing a female version of him. I'm going to check out my local thrift store for the outfit. My big thing is the hair. I think I may need to see a few more episodes to get a feel for what I think will fit the female version best, but right now I'm thinking maybe a lace-front grey wig done up in a messy bun? Not completely sure yet...
Can't wait to see some cosplays of him!!!

#3 KuruttaKanashii on 4 years ago

[URL=""]Relining a coat[/URL]
and I drew a fem!Twelve that one time~ *[URL=""]shameless self plug[/URL]*

#4 Hoshi26 on 4 years ago

My Twelfth Doctor cosplay is done! Hardest part was finding a wig (had to go with a long wig I hand braided) and sewing the lining to the inside of the coat.