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#1 babygurljay on 4 years ago

Hey everyone,

So Im super new to cosplaying and the only sewing i did was when i was in high school playing on my mom's sewing machine. Other then that i've only done hand stitching for hemming pants or putting patches on friends demi jackets (yes, it would hurt my fingers but it was fun to do none the less)

Any ways my Question is, that i really want to cosplay as Velvet. Steve Epting and Ed Brubaker's Image comic.

She's just so rad. i fell in love with her the moment i saw the cover of this wonderful comic.
Now, i know it may look easy but i honestly have no idea where to start. Like i said I'm a newbie at this. So if anyone could give me any suggestions i would greatly appreciate it!

#2 HappyCatNinja on 4 years ago

I've got a question of my own. What cosplay of her are you planning on doing? She's in a dress in the top picture, a normal outfit in the second and third, and a full leatherish flight suit on bottom.