The Legend of Zelda - Fanime 2015

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#1 Nemuren on 5 years ago

Warriors from all eras, your presence is requested at the Legend of Zelda cosplay gathering for FanimeCon 2015.

[b]Day:[/b] Sunday
[b]Time:[/b] 3PM
[b]Location:[/b] Corner tree area near Marriott
[b]Fanime Forum Thread[/b]: [url],17829.msg481275.html#msg481275[/url]

[b]ATTENDING: (list updated 1/22)[/b]
Please note in your post which game your character is from.

[i][u]HYRULE WARRIORS[/u][/i]

[i][u]SKYWARD SWORD[/u][/i]

Agitha - Shinku

[i][u]TOON ZELDA[/u][/i]
[u][i](The Wind Waker/Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks/The Minish Cap/Four Swords)[/i][/u]

Ganondorf - Nemuren
Link - TwilightLarryV1
Link (Zora Tunic) - jaythecosplayer



#2 Nemuren on 5 years ago

Try as you might, it’s impossible to keep the Great King of Evil down for good and so I have risen once more to host my fifth straight [i]Zelda[/i] cosplay gathering at Fanime. We got [i]Hyrule Warriors[/i] coming out and perhaps we'll see more from the new Wii U [i]Zelda[/i] between now and Fanime, so none of you should be hurting for inspiration, I hope. As always, I look forward to seeing all of your awesome work.

The current plan is to gather in the usual place (tree area near Marriott) at the usual time (early Sunday afternoon) which has worked well for us. But I am a reasonable tyrant and will take suggestions for alternatives if you have them. If you have ideas for great photos or creative groupings of characters, please share them!

See you in May!

#3 Nemuren on 5 years ago

New Year's Bump.

#4 Nemuren on 5 years ago

Gathering time has been confirmed for Sunday at 3PM at the corner tree area near the Marriott.

#5 Seifer-sama on 5 years ago

I'll be there as TP Zelda. :) Looking forward to another Fanime Gathering of awesome!

#6 mastershambler on 5 years ago

See you all there as Volga!

#7 narutokunobsess on 5 years ago

Yo this is Fi again. I haven't replied to the zelda forums for a gathering, but I have been to the gathering several times.

I need a Ghirahim Volunteer to do a small photoshoot. Last year, it was fun and Got featured on Zelda Informer. Its basically Laughing alone with salad. Here is the set if your wondering:

This time Im doing it with Bananas! The Ghirahim can't be ghirahim this year sadly and I need a Ghirahim.

The time is on Sunday, preferrable when we meet after the gathering. (After 3)"

Well cross fingers and hope to see all of you there.