Interest for Participation in Con Video - FREE PROMOTIONS! :)

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#1 armageddon1331 on 3 years ago

Hey ya'll!

So it has been a long time since my last con (back in 2011), but I'm happy to jump back into it for AUSA 2015. And since I'm flying solo, I wanted to film my experience in the most fun way possible.

Think MLZ Studios or Beat Down Boogie having post-edited BGM and opportunities to show off your cosplays and role-play, derp around, or bop to the music. Essentially, I just wanna walk around, meet new people, see some cool cosplay, and have some fun.

Now I have a decent following on Instagram (over 1.2k - @axios_saiyan_in_training), and my page had become a platform for shouting out cosplayers from time to time; so I see this as win-win if you want to promote your IG or FB cosplay fanpage.

I'm also on COSPLAY AMINO (with the same handle) if you want more updates.

Unfortunately, I don't have any cosplay prepped, but I have some baller Geek Attire that I'll be wearing. On Friday, I'll be sporting some IronMan gear and on Saturday, I'll be wearing a Saiyan armor shirt.

The more the merrier, so if you are going with friends or with a cosplay group AND you are interested in some self-promotion and some fun, HMU. I'll be wandering around quite a bit so just tap me on the shoulder or call me by my handle "AXIOS" to catch my attention.

And if you got any questions or suggestions, I'm definitely open.

The days are counting down, and I can't wait (^_^)b