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#1 schmemy on 4 years ago

I'm surprised there's no thread yet! Anyone cosplaying Splatoon? I think I'm going to do Marie and either an octoling with my friends, or an inkling with the splat roller.

#2 EmeraldRay2K on 4 years ago

Hey! I'm planning on cosplaying one of the Squid Sisters, but I'm not sure which one yet. I love them both equally, so... I think this is gonna be hard for me to choose. Of course, I won't be cosplaying whoever I choose for a while, since I have some other cosplays to make first.
Good luck on your Marie cosplay! You know, I actually think I might pick Marie just because her tentacles look easier to do, instead of Callie's super long ones.

#3 cakestina on 4 years ago

I went as an inkling girl just a few days ago at San Diego Comic-Con! I had a lot of fun with the costume, and was definitely one of the most comfortable all weekend.


#4 WendyMarvell on 4 years ago

I'm planning on doing Callie and Marie with my sister! The costume so far is pretty easy, the only thing we're having trouble with is making their tentacles.

Since Splatoon is a fairly new game, it's hard to find good cosplay references and tutorials

#5 schmemy on 4 years ago

My Marie is getting very expensive very quickly, haha. I definitely blame my choice of fabrics. A whole lot of shiny spandex.

#6 EmeraldRay2K on 4 years ago

If anyone is wondering about Callie's head thingy, the bottom part looks like a leaf. If you watch her dancing during Splatfest when she's jumping, you can easily see how much it looks like one.

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