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#1 BlueBlur on 4 years ago

ANYONE going to AUSA this upcoming weekend and is in need of a room or knows anyone also in need of a room please tell them to contact me! I have a room for Thursday with a checkout on Sunday.... I cannot provide transportation unless you live in State College and even than I may have room for 1 person tops.

Room Details
-- Floor Spots
-- Cost: If I can get more people the overall cost will lower depending on the final amount of people I have in-room. We currently have 3 people... so at 4 it'll be $136.50 for the weekend, 5 people - $109.20, and 6 people - $91.00 for the weekend (each). I can collect rooming fees at the convention Thursday.
-- I only ask that if you're rooming with us please be courteous of the fact that people may be asleep when you return at the end of the night and time management with sharing the bathroom facilities in the morning.

The hotel is the Washington Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in which the convention is located.

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