Kuroshitsuji Meet Up?

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#1 hotahmai on 5 years ago


So, I'm still very ( very! ) new to Cosplay, but I'm going to be going to Megacon ( I live in Orlando, which makes it infinitely easier ) as Sebastian Michaelis ( a costume I am currently putting together ) --- and I was wondering if anyone else, whether in the area or not, was going to be going, and as Kuro characters? I just think it'd be really awesome for my first time at a con in custom to meet up with and hang out with others in the same fandom.

Are there any Kuroshituji meetings presently, or people interesting in making one?

#2 AxelWinters on 5 years ago

I really want to cosplay Alois Trancy but im 5'11 :/ Im cosplaying as Eren Jaeger as my second ever cosplay

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