Love Live Dance Party - ALA 2017

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#1 beloved4ever on 2 years ago

Official "Love Live!" Dance Party!

[B]Location : Rose Garden (North end of the Convention Center)
Date : Saturday, January 28
Time : 10:45am-11:15am[/B]

Hosts :
MINZee Rose Cosplay (Zee)

Co-Hots :
Mraudrs Cosplay (Jessica)
HeiWaLeigh (Santi)

Photographers :

Official Facebook Event Page :

Also! Please Check out the "Love Live! School Idol Project" Gathering - - [url][/url]
Facebook - [url][/url]

"Love Live! Sunshine" Gathering - - [url][/url]
Facebook - [url][/url]

#2 beloved4ever on 2 years ago

Hello, Everyone!

If you're planning on attending the Love Live Dance Party, you can submit your Song Votes here -
*Please read the Rules below*

Here's how it will go :
1. You can each submit up to 3 of your favorite Love Live Dances
*This Pertains to ANY & ALL Love Live - Sunshine Included*
2. We have a limit of 10 songs (The top 5 songs are Guaranteed)
3. You'll have until Oct 31 to submit your songs - So choose wisely!
If you have any questions, let me know!