Need Star trek help for a child

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#1 ScribblesITM on 3 years ago

I've been searching but can't find a pattern for an original series children's female uniform from Star Trek. Any help much appreciated. A disabled friend of mine is going to be taking her granddaughter to a con in May and I would love to sew it for her, but I can't find a pattern. She's about 6ish so a size 6 / small in kids.

THank you!

#2 Dictamnus Albus on 3 years ago

i havent watched much of the original series, but i cant find or recall
any childeren in fleet uniform

i believe the way to go would be to scale ohuras uniform and remove all detail and embellishments, and add a pair of slacks or tights that cant be seen through
and lengthen the skirt (modesty would be greater in childerens design)