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#1 eebee on 2 years ago

Hello and welcome! My name is EeBee, or just Em, and I am a lifelong nerd and cosplayer who has recently been given an opportunity to quit my boring desk job and pursue my passion for sewing by doing cosplay commissions!

I have been sewing for my entire life, and making cosplays specifically for about 8 years now. I love complex sewing projects and figuring out how to make unusual, sometimes preposterous clothing into a functional real-life piece. I pride myself in my attention to detail and creating a sturdy finished product that can be worn for multiple cons.

In addition to fabric work, I have access to a 3D printer and can provide small printed, sanded, and finished props/accessories with a 3D model/render. For video game characters, I am sometimes able to pull these models directly from the game for you. If you're interested in a printed prop or accessory, let me know and we can discuss options!

For photos of my work, please check out my facebook or just browse my costume pages here on Coscom!

Business email: [email][email protected][/email]
Facebook: [url][/url]

To get a quote and begin the conversation about your costume, please email me with the following information:
-Character name and series: If there is a specific variant or outfit name, please also include!
-Reference photos: As many angles and details as you can get me. More is always better.
-What you're requesting: List which parts/pieces from the costume you would like for me to make.
-Due date: When do you need to have this by?
-Budget: What do you think you can spend on this? I'll take it into consideration when planning fabrics for your quote.
-Measurements: Bust, waist, hips, height. Depending on the costume, I may ask for additional measurements. It is preferable that these be done by a professional or experienced friend.
-Anything else you think I should know!

Timeline: I am currently able to accept projects for delivery in February 2018 and later. More complex projects may require additional time, so the sooner you contact me, the better!

What I can do:
-all varieties of fabric projects
-small 3D printed props and accessories
-real aluminum scalemail and chainmail
-medium-sized props and accessories can be discussed

What I cannot do:
-large weapons/props
-plate-type armor

Shipping: I will ship UPS unless otherwise requested. Shipping costs will be assessed for each costume and charged along with the second half of the payment.

Payment: I accept Paypal payment only. Once we have settled on your quote, including budgeting for materials, I will require 50% of the total quoted amount to begin buying materials and working on your costume. The remaining 50% will be charged once the costume is completed and final photos have been sent to you for review. Once full payment is received, I will ship the finished costume within 3 days.

I look forward to working with you!