Pattern for Ragnarok robe

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#1 Kirke on 1 year ago

What would be a good starting pattern for Jeff Goldblum’s robe in Thor: Ragnarok?

And how would you describe it in fashion/sewing term? For example is there a term for the oversized collar/lapel/shoulder thing?

Here’s the reference photo:

(And more at [URL=""][/URL])

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

#2 Penlowe on 1 year ago

It's got some Chinese influence, but not enough to say "go find an X pattern...". It's truly original in it's creation. I'd probably start with a close fitting garment like the priest cassock and build out the crazy shoulder piece and adapt a standing suit collar from there.

Also bear in mind Mr. Goldblum is very tall, 6'4". This costume will look very different in shorter proportions.

#3 Ichigogami on 1 year ago

You might also look at some medieval, Tunic style garments to see how they go together, you also wouldn't be worse off if you looked into how Jedi robes are built or even some of those basic patterns to start looking into the shapes of what you want.

as for the fabric I would look at Mattelasse, or jacquard/brocade

#4 Kirke on 1 year ago

#5 Kirke on 1 year ago