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#1 Emi Hana on 2 years ago

Okay, I'm still clueless about a couple of weight loss things, but a recent "weight loss support meeting" over Facebook has left me with a problem. My friend - the one who has forever been trying to get me to go digital - is no longer doing exercises at home.

His reason: The exercises are boring - and he sees no point in trying.

I've suggested a joining a gym and taking classes that perk his interest, but I get the feeling that a gym membership may not be an option for him. So I'm wondering what exercise options he can do at home that will keep him interested in working out, but won't have to deal with the cost of a gym membership.

Also, if you live in the Greensboro, NC area - where he lives - are there any outside places he can do exercises without having to be caught up in traffic? I don't know if walking / running / biking in a park is an option, but as someone who lives in Maryland, there's only so much I can advise without having to actually travel down there.

#2 Slapthefatcat on 2 years ago

Do a challenge between him, you, and perhaps a few others of 25 (or some other number) crunches and push-ups per day. It's not a huge burden and it can be done all at once or throughout the day. Get everyone in a FB group and require them to post their exercise each day. This also works in and its app. The more people in it, the better the pressure to keep up.

#3 Chokichi on 2 years ago

I agree that exercise challenges would be a great motivator. I tend to be competitive, so as soon as I see one of my friends post in the group that they've finished the exercises for that day, I get on it! :) Nike also has a great at home, no-minimal equipment workout app called Nike Fit Club. I used that, exercise challenges and running to lose weight. I also used a calorie counting app to help control my diet :)

#4 gypsy_girl on 1 year ago

It can be difficult to find what will work for you. One thing that I do in winter, when it's really hard to be motivated to do anything let a lone exercise, is set a timer. I'll watch TV or play video games or be online for 10 minutes then I have to do something. Sometimes it's exercise sometimes it's cleaning up or doing prep for work or cosplay.