SAKKA YAROU ZE! Inazuma Eleven 2017

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#1 Poochy.EXE on 3 years ago

Couldn't find a thread for this year, so I'll make it myself! Anyone else planning to cosplay Ina11 this year? The gatherings in the last couple years were a blast, and I'd love to have another meetup this year!

#2 maggifan on 3 years ago

:D I'll be cosplaying Kazemaru from Inazuma Eleven Ares or Atsuya on Day 2.

#3 maggifan on 3 years ago

Gathering information here: [url][/url]

#4 Poochy.EXE on 3 years ago

The link's broken. I'm getting an error message saying the link may be expired or the page isn't available.