Hiding bruises

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#1 Rahzel on 3 years ago

I'm so active aol, sorry about it. :P
I'm going to cosplay a character who displays a lot of perfectly pretty flesh and I happen to have a lot of bruises because of having a lighter skintone and years of not caring enough. I usually cosplay wearing stockings and so on to cover 'em, but since the character I wanna cosplay now is a man, I wanna try and display hairy limbs and so I think makeup would be a better solution. However the usual concealer I use doesn't really cover my bruises perfectly and the sweat ruins it before the end of the con. So I wanted to ask y'all how to solve my issue. Any particular brands? Coverage tricks (ie. sponge, etc) ? Anything ?
Thanks a bunch and sorry for asking a lot :p

#2 NeverCryAgain on 3 years ago

You could always just wear the stockings, unless the character is shown as a very hairy man. If that is the case, you can always use a super thick pigmented product like dermablend. You apply it with a sponge and set it with powder and it stays all day, through sweat and everything. You can also layer up on the concealer. First use a primer so it stays all day, then color correct to cancel out the blue tones. Apply concealer with a sponge in patting motions. Set this with a powder. If this is on your legs, you might consider using something like a makeup setting spray, or even a hair spray to keep it on all day.

#3 Sweet Loretta on 3 years ago

Tattoo Cover it is high pigment and will cover bruises.

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