***FS: Custom-Made-Life-Size-Jack-the-Monkey-Pirates-of-the-Caribbean-Movie-Prop***

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#1 xtremevette on 1 year ago

For sale is my custom made Lifesize Jack the Monkey Pirates of the Caribbean Movie Prop! He comes in full life size form. He is over 16" tall and 28" long depending on how stretched out you make his tail. He tail is re-positionable via a thick wire that runs through it. His eyes are glass. He has real faux fur on him, fangs, skeleton structure made of plastic & plaster, little red ripped scorched outfit and is custom airbrushed. He uses a thick wire that holds him firmly in place and his tail can be re positioned! He even comes with his Aztec gold necklace piece too! I have about 36 hours in labor making him!

This is a great custom 1 of a kind hand made movie prop. It would be an excellent addition to any Pirates of the Caribbean Fan.

Paypal accepted. Please provide zipcode for shipping cost estimate.

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