Padding knees on Rocket

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#1 Volicius on 2 years ago

Hello! I'm working on a Rocket Raccoon cosplay and I'm searching tutorials and resources to do everything. I looked everywhere for a padding(?) tutorial so I can make the things on his knees, it looks stuffed or something (?) like knee pads, so I thought doing it on fabric instead of eva foam. But I looked for tutorials to achieve that look but I can't find. Anyone here has a good tutorial to do something like that? Thank you!

#2 Penlowe on 2 years ago

This is pretty basic sewing. There are no tutes for "rockets knee pads" but plenty for hot pads, which is the same technique.

You need a non-stretch fabric and a little bit of quilt batting.

- Quilt batting isn't sold in small enough quantities for this, get a baby quilt sized package and know you'll have a ton of leftovers
find a quilter to give you some scraps.

- Fabric that will look right will be a bit heavier, a denim, twill, trigger and the like. These run a little more expensive than quilters cotton but you only need a tiny amount, 1/4 yard will make you 3-4 sets of knee pads.
go to the thrift store and grab some worn out pants in the right color, then much of the weathering is already done for you. A pair of mens medium pants will also yield several sets of knee pads.

How to: [url][/url]
~ that's the sewing parts

Other stuff to know:
-Make a paper pattern of the size and shape knee pad you desire. Trace it onto a clean sheet of paper and increase it's size by 1/2" all around (this is a seam allowance)
~ Modify with a spacer to get 1/2" instead of 1/4"
Use the above technique to get your knee pad. Repeat for the other knee.

#3 Volicius on 2 years ago

Thank you! I called them Rocket knee pads cause english isn't my first language so I didn't know how to call that type of sewing, I only know that is soft and needs stitches on the lines to get the look, but not how to, so thank you also for telling me the name! (I don't use hot pads on the kitchen so it didn't occur to me that I could search tutorials for that lol)
Thank you once again.

#4 Penlowe on 2 years ago

Well you articulated your need in such a way I didn't realize there was a language barrier :)
The name of the technique is quilting