Origenal costume Request

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#1 Gloomy Gumi on 1 year ago

Hello! this is my first time requesting a costume to be made let alone one of my own characters, so bare with me XD;. A bit of history with this character, i wanted to design something i haven't made a avatar yet. A monster girl avi, but had no intentions of turing this monster girl into an actual OC and after 3 weeks later:

She was born. after getting so many praise with her design and suggest i cosplay as her here i am 2 years later requesting a costume of my oc.

So if anyone is interspersed or have any questions just message me! i'll be checking my mailbox so often but the best way to reach me is through
discord GloomyGumi #6352

#2 Sassy Stitches on 10 months ago

Hi! I'd love to work on this with you! You can review my full portfolio and write to me at [url]www.adaria-designs.com[/url] Please don't write to me here, I will not see it quickly. Thank you!

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