Wonder Woman: How does the armor close around the chest?

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#1 TFM on 1 year ago

Pulling my hair out on this one... some people that do foam versions use a tying corset style solution, but that is incorrect. This is how it should look like:


Some people have cheated and cut the sides open all the way across the "golden skirt", but you can see that the lower part is solid (although the upper golden trim is cut open). But, it doesn't look like the lower part is loose/separate either.

Any guidance? Keep looking at pictures but can't figure it out.

#2 Penlowe on 1 year ago

It's sort of a zig zag opening. The red opens on the side, but the gold opens around the back, leaving a long belt like piece hanging off the bottom of the red. This actually helps it stay closed better.

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