Fabric or craft foam? Help! Skies of Arcadia "Piastol"

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#1 yugidogz on 1 year ago

Hey guys! I'm thinking about (finally) making a dream cosplay, Piastol from Skies of Arcadia. I'm in the planning stages right now, and trying to decide what materials to use for this cosplay. Mainly the black part of the leggings and collar.

Here's a reference photo:


My idea so far is to use a faux leather as a base, and then either layer it with more cut out pieces for all the details, or use craft foam... I feel like craft foam might be easier to construct, but not sure if it would be very practical. Any ideas or suggestions?? Really appreciate it!! <3

#2 walkerofdarknes on 1 year ago

Well, as I see it, the leggings are pretty much 2 different pieces of fabric. If you wanted it easy, I'd make the grey parts as a pair of shorts and have the black ones actually button/clasp onto them. Because I see a "button" visible on the left hip. That would at least let you have something that could be taken off as need be if it got too constricting/hot.

For the collar, THAT I think is probably craft foam. Certainly I see the bra cups (the solid black breast cups) on the top are foam. For the collar though, you might want it to stay more than your average fabric would retain, and most of the stiffeners I can imagine of have the issue of poking holes into vulnerable parts of you (it wouldn't do to have a cosplay cut their own carotid artery by mistake at a con).

#3 yugidogz on 1 year ago

#4 CapsuleCorp on 1 year ago

The leggings are definitely not foam and you don't want to try to force foam to conform to your body like that. The leg muscles create a high-stress area of the body that is constantly flexing and relaxing. Foam is really a touchy material, and once it starts to crease or wrinkle, you're done for, it'll never look nice again AND it will be prone to ripping there.

The leggings don't look at all foamy anyway. It's all fabric, probably faux leather. Stretch vinyl will do you much more nicely than foam and there will be a lot less crying in the construction process. I'd actually argue the same for the rest of the costume too - the breast pads COULD be foam, but there's no reason why stretch vinyl sewn just right and tacked fully onto the bodice wouldn't look exactly the same. The collar you would want fabric or vinyl just because you want it to flex around your throat, and no, stiffening it will not mean poking bits into your skin. Use the correct interfacing and your vinyl will stay nice and flat and stiff enough while still flexible enough for the tips to lay gently along your collarbone AND flex when you move your neck.

#5 yugidogz on 1 year ago

Thanks very much for your feedback! That makes a lot of sense :)

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