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#1 UnknownUser on 3 years ago

Hey, I am fairly new to cosplay and i plan on doing a cosplay where the character wears sleeveless shirts and past the knee shorts, but as you can guess i have quite the tan line, any one know of a way to even your skins color?


#2 Scunosi on 3 years ago

I like to use CC cream to even out my face, but I think there's likely better options for large area coverage and tan lines. I also don't think it'll hide huge color differences like you get with tans. With summer ending I'd hit up your local drug store (Walgreen's etc.) and they likely have something with the tanning supplies.

#3 fabrickind on 3 years ago

Fake tanner. Apply it in the areas that need to be tanned, and blend it out with some lotion around the tan lines. Practice before con and exfoliate it off if you can't get it to look even. You may have better luck with the gradual tanning lotions, but those don't get as dark, so if it's a huge difference, it may not work.

Otherwise, you can try those aerosol spray-on stockings. "Airbrush Legs" I think is one. It may not be opaque enough coverage to completely cover the tan lines, but it'll even things out more.

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