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#1 Unverganglich on 4 years ago


Let me just start with the clarification that I'm a novice in the art of costuming and cosplay. I have friends that do it and my girlfriend's favorite cosplay is Harley Quinn. One of her all time favorite movies is also Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

So I pitched the idea that this year for the local Con, we could try going as Belle and the Beast. She wants to do the non-ball scene version (blue and white dress for her). Now I'm trying to figure out how to pull off the counterpart: covered in fur with basically a large cloak.

I've started looking at faux fur rolls to find something that would be suitable in mimicking the shaggy fur of the Beast. It leaves the issue of heat, as this is in Florida and will be around August or so. There's also the matter of how to do the mask, since she's allergic to latex.

So I was just wondering if anyone has suggestions or tips to how to pull this off and maybe where to start. It's something I'd really like to do because I know it would mean a lot to her. I just don't want to have heat stroke in the process and want it to look the part.

Thank you for any tips or suggestions or consideration.